A revolutionary approach to addressing symptoms associated with nervous system dysfunction, such as depression, cognitive decline and brain injury.
A research-based technology for promotion of neurological health and maintenance of healthy brain function, providing multiple applications for use within clinics.


  • Acquired brain injuries & stroke
  • Neurological diseases & disorders
  • Mental health challenges including depression, anixiety & ADHD
  • Progressive cognitive decline including dementia & Alzheimer’s
  • Stress, mental fatigue, migraine and menopause
  • Anti-aging of the brain
  • Neurological symptoms assoicated with adverse drug effects

Clinical Benefits

  • Fast patient response time
  • Neurovascular network health
  • Reduces and modulates neuroinflammation
  • Neurotrophic / neuroregenerative & enhances neuroplasticity
  • Neuroptotective, improving the resilience of the brain
  • Improves mitochondrial functioning & protects against neuro-degeneration
  • Navigates the neuro-vascular network / blood-brain barrier
  • Activated at the site of inflammation
  • Restoration of brain topography

Voluntastrols contain a proprietary blend of Citrus bioflavonoids, and extracts from Matricaria chamomilla flower and Theobroma cacao bean
60 vegetarian capsulesDosage:
2 capsules daily, 20-30 minutes before breakfast or as recommend in the Voluntastrols Dosage Guidelines for an individual’s presenting symptoms.
Synergistic combination of actives work on three levels:
A Short term, rapid therapeutic response for initial symptomatic improvement
B Medium term response via neuro-inflammatory modulation
C Long term effects via neuroregenerative and neuroprotective activity
Note: This graph is to convey the conceptual difference in bioavailability of the Voluntastrol actives, not an actual representation of thier bioavailability.Actions

  • Direct activity of Voluntastrols to produce initial effects on mood, energy and cognition.
  • Decreases and regulates neuro-inflammation associated with mental illness, such as depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • High bioavailability of actively transported Voluntastrol compounds, delivered and activated at the site of inflammation.
  • Modulation of excess microglial activation.
  • Modulates intracellular signaling pathways, enhancing neuronal plasticity and improving cellular resilience and stress response.
  • Voluntastrols provide a novel neuroprotective mechanism through the modualtion of the mitochondrial membrane potential. This in turn restores potassium ion flow, forcing the detoxifcation of calcium ions from the mitochrondria, restoring mitochrondrial function, preventing neuron death.
  • Neuroprotective effect via promotion of neuro-vascular health and function; key to supporting the functioning of the glymphatic system. The glymphatic system is a macroscopic waste clearance system that utilises a unique system of perivascular channels, which provide an efficient elimination of proteins and metabolites, including β-amyloid, from the central nervous system during sleep.
  • Activation of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF); helping to support the survival of existing neurons and encouraging new growth and differentiation of neurons. Low levels of BDNF are linked with Alzheimer’s, accelerated aging, poor neural development, neurotransmitter dysfunction, obesity, depression and cognitive decline.