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A new approach to improving mood and brain health

Voluntastrols maintain and support:

  • A healthy mood and emotional balance
  • Cognitive and mental function
  • Mental concentration, focus and clarity
  • General mental well-being and energy
  • Brain health
  • The relief of inflammation

Voluntastrols support those with:

  • Low mood, mental fatigue or stress
  • Depression
  • Concussion or brain injury (including stroke)
  • The effects of brain aging
  • Diminished Brain Resilience

Innovation by design. A revolutionary natural approach to supporting and maintaining the good health of the brain and its functions.Current scientific research into psychiatry, neurology and cognition is increasingly showing that a range of phyto-nutrients play an important role in modulating the health and functioning of your brain, including the improvement of mood, energy, cognition and maintenance of brain health.

Developed inline with the latest scientific research into mood disorders, causes of depression, and maintenance of brain health, Voluntastrols (pronounced Vol-un-ta-strols) are a complex of specific botanical extracts providing a unique and powerful formula unlike anything else.


Looking for that mood booster and brain support?

Indications you may benefit from Voluntastrols:

  • Low mood
  • Mental Fatigue
  • Poor cognitive function
  • Cognitive decline associated with aging
  • Neurological dysfunction and symptoms resulting from brain injury, e.g. concussion
  • Neurological symptoms associated with adverse drug effects

Support Voluntastrols can offer:

  • A positive mood and outlook
  • Renewed interest and engagement with life
  • Increased emotional resistance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Mental agility and clarity
  • Cognitive function
  • Maintenance of healthy brain function
  • Support during recovery from a brain injury
  • Energy levels

How they work:

Voluntastrols initiate a reward response, triggering a cascade of neurotransmitters that are responsible for supporting uplifted and enhanced mood and outlook. In addition, the phytonutrients within Voluntastrols support circulation in the brain. Healthy brain circulation is key for balanced mood and healthy brain function.

Developed in line with the latest scientific research into mood disorders, causes of low mood and maintenance of brain health, Voluntastrols are a complex of specific proprietary botanical extracts providing a unique and powerful formula unlike anything else.

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One of the world’s most sensitive laboratories for research into small molecules and proteins by deploying a very sensitive form of mass spectrometry analysis.

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Voluntastrols utilise 21st century technology and apply it to the ancient essence of everyday that is missing from the modern diet.

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